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14). Syed Inayat Ali Shah’s Confirmation of the Syed Ancestry:

In 1853 Syed Inayat Ali Shah and Syed Ameer Shah permanently moved to the new mansion in Dera Ismail Khan. At the time of settling in Dera Ismail Khan the political and religious landscape had considerably changed and the minds and hearts of Dera’s residents had changed accordingly. The Syed’s were despondent at the end of Sadozai rule and the women of the Sadozai family did not wield the same power that they once used to.

When the Syeds came back to Dera (after the events in Darya Khan as mentioned in 13) some troublemaker Sadozai’s challenged the ancestry of the Syeds and asked to be shown proof whether they truly belonged to Syed family. The discussion about the legitimacy of the Syed ancestry went on long enough to where Syed Ameer Shah passed away without the resolution of this issue. After his death and burial at “Tibba Fazil Shah”, the legitimacy issues were brought front and center. Things regressed to the point that one day, a Sadozai Khan publically and openly confronted and challenged Syed Inayat Ali Shah about the legitimacy of his connection to the Syed ancestry while walking about one day.

Syed Inayat Ali Shah was unhappy at this confrontation and asked for the Syed Naqvi-Bukhari-Jalali ancestry tree, for confirmation, from fellow Syed relatives – the offspring of their and Syed Inayat Ali Shah’s progenitor – Syed Mohammad Shah Meeran Shah Mauj Darya. To further prove the lineage at Syed Inayat Ali Shah’s written request via mail Syed Nad Ali Shah, Syed Asghar Ali Shah, Syed Murad Ali Shah, Syed Jewa Shah, Syed Khair Shah—all descendents of Syed Zinda Talha Noori—residents of Lahore came to Dera Ismail Khan in person to attest to the matter.

On Wednesday August 19, 1868 at the office of Makhdoom Chan Charagh son of Makhdoom Noor Zaman Shah after attestations, verifications, and testimonials the family tree presented was authenticated. A month later on 29 Rabi-us-Saani, 1285 Hijri i.e. Tuesday 13 October, 1868 at a luncheon was arranged at the residence of the Nazim of Dera Ismail Khan Abdullah Khan Sadozai son of Hafiz Ahmed Khan Sadozai through Ghulam Rasool son of Abdul Hakim belonging to the race Saahi and a resident of Moza Chehkaan. At the end of the luncheon the authenticated family tree of the Syeds was presented to the Sadozai Khan who raised the most ruckuses. Immediately, upon satisfaction the said Sadozai khan apologized for his allegations and The Syeds was recognized as the direct descendents of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It was then that the Syed Inayat Ali Shah accepted this apologies and the matter was then ended.

13). Syed Inayat Ali Shah’s Second Marriage and Migration of elders from Tibba Fazil Shah:

After construction of the mansion, Syed Ameer Shah and his son went to “Tibba(mound/hill) Fazil Shah” in Tehseel Darya Khan to meet and catch up with Fatah Darya Shah after a long time. They updated him on everything that had happened during the long absence between Syed Ameer Shah and Fatah Darya Shah. After a few days, on Syed Ameer Shah’s insistence Syed Inayat Shah re-married amongst the relatives of “Tibba(mound/hill) Fazal Shah”. From this second marriage, Syed Inayat Ali Shah had two sons from this marriage; Syed Gul Zaman Shah and Ameer Hussain Shah. Later on Ameer Hussain Shah had two daughters and no sons. Syed Gul Zaman Shah had  three sons and it is the offspring of these three sons that currently resides in Dera. After the marriage, Syed Inayat Ali Shah returned and settled in the newly constructed mansion in Dera along with his father and family.

In addition to spreading Islam, Syed Ameer shah and Syed Inayat Ali Shah also had expertise is many other profession and areas especially medicine. This medical expertise resulted in an increased fortune while maintaining their primary goal of spreading the word of GOD. The Syeds’, akin to their ancestors, continued the tradition of maintain the ear of the rulers of their time and being part of the August halls of the government. Following in Syed Inayat Ali Shah’s footsteps, Syed Habib Ali Shah (s/o Syed Fazal Ali Shah, s/o Syed Ghulam Ali Shah, s/o Syed Sher Ali Shah, s/o Syed Noor Shah, s/o Syed Himmatullah Shah Mawali, s/o Syed Talha Zinda Noori) also settled in the “South Kachi Paind Khan” area of Dera. In 1870, some other elders including Syed Muhammad Ali Shah the real brother of Syed Fazal Ali Shah and Syed Wali Haider Shah also left “Tibba Fazil Shah” for Multan to find work. The offspring of these elders came to be known as “Multani branch”.

Fatah Darya Shah and some other Syeds remained on “Tibba Fazil Shah”