11). Completion of the shrine of Syed Wilayat Ali Shah after 142 years:

Syed Inayat Ali Shah tried to search the tombstone for his martyred brother for the remainder of his life but to no avail. When Syed Inayat Ali Shah’s eldest son Syed Gul Zaman Shah came of age he told him about the martyrdom of Syed Wilayat Ali shah and how he was unable to find the burial place of his brother. Gradually and systematically Syed Gul Zaman Shah was able to trace the burial place and grave of his uncle Syed Wilayat Ali Shah in Hathala. Syed Gul Zaman Shah was unable to finish the construction on the shrine. The descendants of Syed Gul Zaman Shah kept visiting the grave of their ancestors; however, through time the shrine remained open to the skies and without a perimeter wall.

At last, Syed Jahangir Abbas Shah son of Syed Abbas Ali Shah son of Syed Jalal Hussain Shah son of Syed Gul Zaman Shah son of Syed Inayat Ali Shah son of Syed Ameer Shah a retiree of the Air force of Pakistan settled back in Dera Ismail Khan in 1982-83. Soon after he was appointed the Airport Manager for the Dera Ismail Khan airport where an employee from Hathala also worked and one day he shared the story of Syed Wilayat Ali Shah’s shrine and how through time no one has ever been able to finish the job started almost a century and a half ago.

Immediately, Syed Jahangir Abbas Shah decided to visit the shrine of Syed Wilayat Ali Shah. Most of the elders of the Jalalia family then settled in Dera Ismail Khan in Mohallah Jalal Hussain Shah decided that they all should visit their ancestor in Hathala. Finally, in 1985-86 Syed Jahangir Abbas finished the construction of the shrine as well as the perimeter wall on his own expense and nothing tragic happened afterwards or during this construction. That is how after waiting 142 years Syed Wilayat Ali Shah’s son built him his shrine.

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