15). Second Verification of the Family Tree:

Exactly 27 years after the first verification a few mischievous people started demanding the proof of this family being the direct descendents of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  This time around the children of Syed Gul Zaman Shah i.e. Syed Noor Hussain Shah, Syed Jalal Hussain Shah, and Syed Murid Hussain Shah were assigned with this task. The proof was presented on Sunday August 19th, 1895 (27 safar 1313) at “Bilot Sharif” at the office of Makhdoom Syed Chan Charagh shah son of Makhdoom Noor Zaman shah, in regards to Makhdoom Muhammad Abdusattar shah son of Makhdoom Syed Faraz shah son of Makhdoom Muhammad Haider Charagh shah and in presence of Abdul Majeed shah son of Ghulam Muhammad shah (Zakir Ahl-e-bait). It was at that point that the family tree was verified for the second time at the office and by Makhdoom Syed Chan Charagh shah, after being verified before on Wednesday, 19 August 1868 (4 Rabiulawwal 1285).

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